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Smadav 2020. Provide additional protection on the computer and a USB pendrive and is 100% compatible with other antivirus. It's because of antivirus smadav are designed as additional protection so that it can run properly although there are already other antivirus installed on your computer. Can be said to Smadav antivirus as the protection layer of the second defense. Detect and eradicate the virus Smadav has its own way, namely with the behavior, heuristic, and whitelisting so it will further improve the security of your computer. When you run the best Antivirus is using only small portion of computer resource so it will not add to the weight of your computer performance. So with a blend of protection between Smadav and antivirus existing will strengthen the defense of your computer system from virus attacks which is annoying. Antivirus USB Best - The main source of the spread of the virus on the computer occurs at USB Flash. With the special technology owned antivirus smadav in preventing a total of virus that enters via USB is able to detect new viruses in pendrive although not in the database Smadav. Not only prevention, is now Smadav Antivirus 2020 Update is able to clean the virus that infects and files hidden by virus in USB. Protection best offline - Antivirus Smadav is very safe to use on a computer that rarely updates though. The period of update antivirus Smadav not as often as other antivirus that usually do updates per week and even per day. The period of update antivirus Smadav usually only once a month (monthly) for technology owned Smadav not depend on signature/virus database, but is dependent on the technique of detection of the behavior, heuristic, and whitelisting. Cleaner and tools cleaner virus - Other advantages Smadav able to clean the virus which already infect and fix registry altered by the virus that bad. Other Antivirus most do not do the cleanup registry so that the computer is not running normal after the scanning process is completed. Features Antivirus Smadav Free almost match the Pro - Although free its ability to detect and eradicate the virus-to-virus match Pro. But the Pro has other advantages on the additional features that are not owned by Smadav Free. As for the advantages of antivirus Pro is to have the system detection updates automatically if connected to the internet network, scanning faster, Exception lists, Maximize/resize, change color theme, admin password, and license use of profit. Antivirus Smadav antivirus is one of the best and most lightweight. Technology brings Heuristic Smadav antivirus is able to provide additional protection on the computer and your USB stick. Smadav, the latest version of Smadav 2020 with the addition of database 1040 new virus
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